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Do you love cats? Do you love writers who love cats? Then do we have the special for you! Author Aaron Quinn has created a sprawling world in his Young Adult Fantasy Series Stars Below the Concrete and taken that creativity and etched out a honest, reflective Southern Poetry collection The Cracked Green Door.

To celebrate both of his works, Walnut Street Publishing is excited to offer both works in this incredible Cat Dad Special.

From the author that created Stars Below the Concrete comes The Cracked Green Door: A Southern Poetry Collection.

Quinn weaves together a collection that is a reflection of a poet stuck in the liminal of a hopeful future and tainted past. Each work is a snapshot the reader can step into and find themself in Quinn’s deeply personal and, at times, painfully self-reflective words. From lost love to reconcile his place in society, Quinn shows his respect for the reader by painstakingly creating a portrait with his words.

The Cracked Green Door constantly wades into the dark hope of the south while asking the reader: Will you stop with me? Will you pause with me?

In Stars Below the Concrete, The prophecy has awoken, and the chain has joined two earthlings. War is coming.

When Sparrow wakes from yet another abusive night, she somehow finds the courage to escape her abuser and run. Little did she know that she sparked a shift in the universe that would not only change her future, but also affect the lives of all who live and breathe. A chain forms and links her destiny to Pillar, a boy turning man, wrestling with grief. Neither of them knows of what lies just beyond their imagination, nor of the significance of their joining, but only that their lives will never be the same.

Three immortal brothers tasked to protect the chain and prepare for war must not only convince the citizens of Ultro to choose sides between the good and evil forces destined to battle, but also to convince the two earthlings bound together to remain steadfast to an uncertain destiny. As tensions rise, alliances form and a group of the strongest and fiercest band together to protect all that is good in the universe.

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