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We are a Chattanooga based independent publisher redefining publishing as community by creating unique spaces for authors and artists to connect with their audience.

We build a bridge for authors and artists to their audience around the world. We do this by creating avenues for talented individuals to publish their work. We believe in working together to help bring stories to life. We specialize in helping new authors find their voice and assist them in the publishing process while also being a solution to experienced authors who want a more personal publisher.

Announcing Walnut Street Publishing’s Poetry Throwdown

Poetry is both a snapshot and deep examination of what it means to be human. This throwdown introduces 9 unique collection to Chattanooga and the world. Readers will see themselves insides these pages as each poet invites everyone to pour their favorite beverage and sit with their collection.

Walnut Street Publishing

Book of the Month

Evan, Ryah, and Tad have the most exciting news! They have befriended a monster named Oakly. It all happened so quickly on one of their camping trips. But the fun would not last long once the three friends discover hunters searching for their new friend, Oakly. They must help their new monster friend in The Monster Assistance Society.

Rory Suter

Author Spotlight

Elizabeth Anderton, Sister, Bird Mom, and Author

We are honored to spotlight Elizabeth, a sixteen-year-old writer who lives in Maine. She lives with her two loving parents, her intriguing brother, her fifteen-year-old dog Sasha, and her five-year-old bird, Rey.

We Help You Achieve Success

Our passion starts with the art and includes the business strategy needed to succeed. With a blend of experienced artist and business minds, we are able to be passionate about the success of your story and brand. Walnut Street Publishing believes in mentorship as much as brand building.

Our Process

  1. Submit your work or idea, and tell us about yourself.
  2. We review your submission and help form a plan unique to you.
  3. We help you execute that plan to bring your work to life and build your audience.

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