For today’s Chattanooga Spotlight, we are pleased to introduce Chattanooga’s Shey Natural Smoothies.

Shey Natural Smoothies started when owner, Shey, wanted a new way to introduce greens to her children. Not only are Shey’s smoothies nutritious and packed with greens, but they’re great immunity boosters as well! We need all the immunity-boosting we can get this time of year.

Shey recently spent some of her free time teaching the boys of Reach One Teach One the importance of smoothies in their diet and how to make them! The boys loved the smoothies and left with the knowledge of how to boost their immune systems.

If you’re looking for a way to introduce powerful nutrients to your body in a delicious way, give Shey Natural Smoothies a try!

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Hi! I’m Shey, Owner and operator of Shey Natural Smoothies & Shey Natural Health Bar, I’m originally from Cuba & Grand Cayman. I've always been very health conscious & as an athlete, I consider everything I put in my body. My husband and I moved back to Chattanooga in 2016 & As our family grew, we started to explore new ways to introduce greens to our children, Smoothies seem to be their favorite form of greens & a great way to introduce immunity building ingredients! 😝 from there we continued to experiment & expand into what we see today, Shey Natural Smoothies! Where we provide holistic nutrition & care in different forms ✨ • Sé Habla español