“The Earth is 4.6 billion years old — but how can humans relate to a number so colossal, and where do we fit on the geologic timeline? Comparing the Earth’s lifetime to one calendar year, events like the extinction of dinosaurs and Columbus setting sail took place relatively recently. Joshua M. Sneideman reminds us of our time and place in the universe. Lesson by Joshua M. Sneideman, animation by Powerhouse Animation Studios Inc.SHOW LESS”

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“The perfect book to help discuss setting physical boundaries with young people. Using cute pictures of animals hugging the book discusses why people hug and how to also set boundaries if you are uncomfortable hugging someone. The book includes incredible photography of animals in the real world. As an EASY READER, Animal Hugs is perfect for PreK K, and1st grade learners. This book is also a perfect family read as well.”

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Joshua Sneideman

Joshua Sneideman

Joshua Sneideman is Vice President at Learning Blade and the 2013 -2015 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at the Department of Energy in the office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. He has taught middle school science in Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Massachusetts, and California. Sneideman has two TED-Ed videos on the energy and history of Earth that have over 1,000,000 views. He has contributed to teacher professional development for the likes of National Geographic, The Smithsonian Education, NASA, Department of Education, Department of Energy, and at many states, regional and local conferences.