Alexis Wyatt is an educator, tutor, and mentor. She holds a B.S. in Public Administration from Oakland University, along with a Master of Arts in Teaching from Lee University. In her final days at Oakland University, she realigned her career pathway. Always having a passion for helping others, she realized her true dream was to focus on the youth. She has invested years working with the youth in after-school programs, youth organizations, and non-profits, including Reach One Teach One.

She did not realize the importance of self-love and self-worth until her adulthood. The more children who crossed her path, the more she identified the need for her book, 31 Affirmations to a Brown Child. She wants children of color to understand their beauty and limitless potential. She wants to alter the false narrative surrounding their culture.

We had the privilege of listening to Alexis speak to the kids of ROTO (Reach One Teach One) this week. Alexis spoke confidently as she read these powerful affirmations to the kids. Some of these affirmations include, “Your mind is a garden”, and, “Your locs represent Mother Nature’s hills and rivers”.

31 Affirmations to a Brown Child is not a book that WSP has published, as we just met Alexis Wyatt, but we believe it is important enough to share with our audience. You can find this book and more information about The Affirmation Mommy, Alexis Wyatt, by following the links below.

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Alexis Wyatt

Alexis Wyatt

Alexis Wyatt, the owner of Growing Minds Academy LLC was born and raised in Detroit, MI. Now residing in Tennessee with her precious baby boy, she spends the majority of her time as an elementary school teacher in Hamilton County. In her off time, she is very involved with her church, Urban League Young Professionals, and her business, Growing Minds Academy. She is most proud of her work towards empowering, uplifting and inspiring young people. She has invested over a decade of her life working with youth of all ages through babysitting, caregiving, summer camps, afterschool programs, tutoring, and mentorship programs. Alexis spent her time during the pandemic brainstorming ways she could touch the lives of young people throughout the United States. She was able to do this through her first published book 31 Affirmations to a Brown Child. She plans to continue to develop her brand and business, Growing Minds Academy, as a youth empowerment company that provides resources and tools to increase self love, self worth and confidence in our youth.