My name is Emily Quinn and I run the social media for Walnut Street Publishing. My hope is to build an inclusive, creative, and supportive online community. Today we are actually featuring my art on the blog! When they asked me to submit my art, I immediately thought ‘well I’m not good enough for that’… but then I thought about you. I never want any of you to think that way about your own art. Your art is your own unique expression of the way you see the world. Your art is important, so that means mine is, too. Head over the blog today and check out what I’m learning to create on Procreate. With a lot of practice, I hope to one day create and sell stickers. Link in bio. I want to encourage you to take a step forward in courage and submit your art to info@walnutstreetpublishing.com We would love to experience the way you see the world.

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Emily Quinn

Emily Quinn

Emily Quinn is the creative force behind our social media magic! As the social media manager for Walnut Street Publishing, Emily brings her passion for art and music to every post. When she's not crafting content, you can find her crocheting with her cats and trying to keep track of her husband, Aaron Quinn.