Welcome back to Tuesday Rhythm with Jacqui. Ever struggle with imperfection? If the answer is yes, this rhythm will offer helpful insight. Remember to join us every Tuesday for another quick rhythm.

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Jacqui Williams

Jacqui Williams

Dr. Williams is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Qualified Supervisor (for LMFT), and is currently an Assistant Professor of Practice at Stetson University in the Department of Counselor Education. She has years collecting experience and resources within the university setting. With almost 20 years of private practice experience, she is both experienced and educated in working with students and clients in the most proficient and effective ways. In her practice, she specializes in working with PTSD, couples, and helping athletes overcome mental barriers they experience before, during, and after competition. Her expansive background, research, and experience has contributed to developing successful tools to improve communication skills in her clients relationships. She is also a co-founder of MirMir.co.