Good Monday Morning! WSP recently launched our exclusive Discord Channel- join by clicking– and every Monday we will be releasing a new writing/inspiration prompt. Artists can use this prompt to write songs, poetry, or prose, they can even paint or draw to it- whatever they fancy.

But why? Brilliant question. There are a few reason we wanted to start this. First and foremost, we want the art community to connect on a weekly basis- whether you are in Chattanooga or Japan- and we thought this would be a fun way to accomplish this. Second, if it gets a good enough response, and the responders are interested, we think it would be fun to eventually release a collection from these prompts.

Artists will be sharing their creations on our Discord every Friday, and we invite you to be part of that growing community.

Now for the big reveal! The first writing prompt:

Tell us what you think of the prompt and coming join our new Discord to participate!

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Aaron Quinn

Aaron Quinn

Aaron is a Chattanooga based writer. Writing bios is not his favorite, nor specialty, but here we are together. He hasn’t been unemployed for several years, and stopped dropping out of college after the second try. Whether it’s dancing to The 1975 when no one is looking or engaging with pen and paper, Aaron is inspired by the mad, rad off-kilter moments of life. His works - whether fiction or poetry - are all about creating a snapshot that lingers and haunts. Inspired by Flannery O’Conner, Wiley Cash, and Harry Crews; Aaron’s mind constantly wades in the dark hope of the south. Massive contradictions and bigger questions drive his narratives while he asks his reader one question: “Will you stay with me until the end?”