Walnut Street Publishing is excited to introduce characters from our latest release- Scatheless.

Fairies, pixies, selkies, Ireland’s myth’s are awe-inspiring, unless they’re trying to kill you.

When Fionn and his family are suddenly targeted by these creatures,
they are struck by everything but awe.

Coming from the creative team of Zenko and Lotti Rost, Scatheless weaves together a tale of both horror and the fantastical while exploring Irish folklore. Fairies, pixies, and selkies seemed harmless to Fionn and his family, until they started to bring destruction.

Let’s say hello to Cael O’Callaghan!

If you want to find out more about Cael O’Callaghan, click on the image below to purchase your copy of Scatheless.
Zenko is a self-taught painter and manga artist based in Tennessee who started as a painter. She started the transition to different mediums when she discovered that the artwork wanted to tell a story and noticed that audiences liked having the context that comes with that story. She started self-publishing Saros in 2017 and taking the books to conventions. After 2020, Zenko and Lotti began working on Scatheless, her first collaboration with a writer. Outside of manga, she has made several tarot decks and lives with 8 mischievous chickens. To find more click on the icons below:
Lotti Rost is a writer from Germany who mainly writes novels for young adults and teens using this Alias- but is lately also working on comic scripts again. Her articles, translations and comic collaborations have been published under her real name in Germany . Sissel, her black cat, usually sleeps on her desk (and sometimes the keyboard) while she’s writing. Lotti is always excited to research about other nation’s folktales and mythical creatures, it’s one of her favorite topics. “Scatheless” is her horror debut as a writer- checkout some writing samples below. Find more from Lotti by clicking the icons below:

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Aaron Quinn

Aaron Quinn

Aaron is a Chattanooga based writer. Writing bios is not his favorite, nor specialty, but here we are together. He hasn’t been unemployed for several years, and stopped dropping out of college after the second try. Whether it’s dancing to The 1975 when no one is looking or engaging with pen and paper, Aaron is inspired by the mad, rad off-kilter moments of life. His works - whether fiction or poetry - are all about creating a snapshot that lingers and haunts. Inspired by Flannery O’Conner, Wiley Cash, and Harry Crews; Aaron’s mind constantly wades in the dark hope of the south. Massive contradictions and bigger questions drive his narratives while he asks his reader one question: “Will you stay with me until the end?”