Market Place Artists


Alex Birghenthal

  • Banana Beast by Alex Birghenthal

  • King Frog by Alex Birghenthal

  • Octohouse: Fluorescent Edition by Alex Birghenthal

  • Octohouse: Red Door Edition by Alex Birghenthal

  • Blueberry Leaves by Alex Birghenthal

  • Tennessee Wildflowers: Toothwort by Alex Birghenthal

  • Tennessee Wildflowers: Vinca Minor by Alex Birghenthal

  • Tennessee Wildflowers: Dog Fennel by Alex Birghenthal

  • Tennessee Wildflowers: Crinum Lily by Alex Birghenthal


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Our passion starts with the art and includes the business strategy needed to succeed. With a blend of experienced artist and business minds, we are able to be passionate about the success of your story and brand. Northshore publishers believe in mentorship as much as brand building and we are able to take a blank sheet of paper and turn it into a story for the world to read.

Our Process

  1. Submit your work or idea, and tell us about yourself
  2. We review your submission and help form a plan unique to you.
  3. We help you execute that plan to bring your work to life and build your audience

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