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Tahir Imran

Husband, Father, Friend, Author

Tahir was born in April 1976 and reborn in Christ Jesus in October 1995 and he started a walk with Jesus. In his heart he felt calling in the ministry to win the lost. As first believer in the family he won his whole family for the Lord at first. His entire family is like a missionary family and they have passion to win others for the Lord and they are part of his ministry.

Few years later the Lord testify his calling through a minister of the Lord in 2000 when he went to a nearby village Shahabdike where Mr. Ditt lived centuries ago who was the first convert of his area and brought many many people to the Lord.

In 2002 the Tahir started a ministry and started serving the Lord. He got involved both in teaching / preaching and equipping the youth. He served as interpreter and as book writer. He has written two books in his national language Urdu also and writing his 3rd book. He has two books written in English. By giving Great Commission Jesus said to his disciples, therefore go and make disciples of all nations. So the Author chooses the English language to write few books so that his written material could go in nations where he cannot go himself his books can reach out.

He got opportunity to teach / preach the word of God in Nepal in 2004 & 2009 during his visits in Nepal. He got opportunity to share the word in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2015 & 2016 during his visits in Thailand.

He has a lovely wife who is a believer and Ex Sunday School & Adult Education teacher. He has five beautiful children who are getting equipped and two of them are taking part in the meetings.

Tahir has longing to keep severing the Lord throughout his life and he has intentions to write few more books. He has determination to establish his business to help his family and ministry.

  • Bobby’s Journey to First Holy Communion

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