50 Ways to Love your Liver: A Hard Drinker’s Reflection on Moderation (eBook)


Have you ever gone into the night vowing to only have one and ended up with an I-had-too-many hangover the next day? You are not alone.

In this warm, inviting book, Gehrke takes the reader through personal moments of over consumption, triumphs, and doubt. With a sharp wit and wisdom birthed out of painful experience, he paints a picture any drinker can understand, while offering a clear path to gaining control of alcohol consumption.

If you have ever struggled with drinking too much, this book will give practical tips that can lead to a healthy moderation. Along the way, the reader will see that lessons learned about alcohol consumption are just as applicable to other aspects of life.

Whether it is to help you drink less, or as a tool to drop subtle hints to a friend, you will find Gehrke provides achievable, practical tips to be applied at your own pace.

This book started out as a joke. As I wrote it though over the space of a year and a half, I realized a couple of things. First, I still have issues to work out. Second, a zillion other people are working on the same things. With that in mind, I’ve put together a collection of anecdotes and advice based on hard-won lessons about alcohol, triggers for over-drinking, building better habits, and success in life. If you think you might benefit from drinking less, this book is for you. Want to drop a subtle hint for a friend who’s overdoing it? Leave a copy out on the coffee table or drop it on their desk. I’m sharing parts of my personal story here to give you some context for the book, and to let you know that whatever problems you’re facing, whatever you’ve been through, you’re not alone!

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