Join two deep thinking best friends, GB Gadd and Kandis Boone, as they navigate life’s most fulfilling and difficult subjects! From love to the arts, they chat with each other and some of their favorite people about what it takes to really be “doing our best here!”

In the first episode of We’re All Just Doing Our Best Here, GB and Kandis kick off their arts-themed collection of episodes by talking to their friend, Abigail Blake, about her short film, Fire Ball, and what it looks like to work on healing yourself with your art.

**WARNING: Please be aware that they will be talking about abuse in this episode. If this is triggering content for you, please consider your emotional well-being before listening. 

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GB Gadd

GB Gadd

GB Gadd is a writer, actress and teacher with a degree in Theatre and a love of all things British and hot tea-related...basically just a grandmother in the form of a neurotic 30 year old. She's from Rossville, GA and if you're into local theatre, you may have seen her onstage at the Catoosa County Colonnade, Tivoli, Robert Kirk Walker, and Warehouse Theaters. If not, no worries, but you should definitely still listen to her podcast!