Looking to get into ghost hunting? The Ghost Hunter Advice Podcast provides insights, tips, and stories from a seasoned paranormal investigator. Whether you are a ghost hunter looking for the advice of tools and techniques or you are experiencing activity and looking for answers, this show is here to help, educate, and entertain.

Follow 20-year veteran investigator and paranormal researcher, Tanner Rutledge, as he dives deep into field-craft, toys, stories, and mishaps he’s had along his 2 decades of ghost hunting.

In this deep-dive episode, Tanner looks at thoughtform manifestations, Tulpas, poltergeist hauntings, and discusses what it’s like to investigate cases when a human agent is at work. This episode touches on mental illness, emotional and mental stress, and domestic trauma.

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Tanner Rutledge

Tanner Rutledge

Tanner has studied hauntings and ghost activity since 2001. In two decades, Tanner has investigated and consulted on hauntings, possessions, and strange happenings across North America. He started the GHA Podcast so that other ghost hunters, and those experiencing paranormal activity, would have a place they could get the help and advice they need.