On this Memorial Day we pause and solemnly give thanks to those who fell in service to the country and to the world! Here at Walnut Street Publishing, we believe in being a space where veterans can tell their story.

It was a tremendous privilege to publish one such veteran, Rick Gehrke. In honor of him, we want to tell everyone a simple message from his book (which you can find below): Remember to Forgive Yourself.

I’ve put together a collection of anecdotes and advice based on hard-won lessons about alcohol, triggers for over-drinking, building better habits, and success in life. If you think you might benefit from drinking less, this book is for you. Want to drop a subtle hint for a friend who’s overdoing it? Leave a copy out on the coffee table or drop it on their desk. I’m sharing parts of my personal story here to give you some context for the book, and to let you know that whatever problems you’re facing, whatever you’ve been through, you’re not alone! Click on the image to purchase your copy!

If you are a veteran, or know a veteran, in need of community, or help, click on the link to connect with Summit Soldiers: https://themountaingoats.weebly.com/

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Rick Gehrke

Rick Gehrke

Rick Gehrke is a technical writer, musician, songwriter, Master of Environmental Science, and author of Fifty Ways to Love Your Liver: A Hard Drinker’s Reflections on Moderation. A veteran in U.S. military airborne intelligence, multi-lingual world traveler, and adventure sports enthusiast, Rick is a life-long student in the school of hard knocks and wild times. Self-critical yet unapologetic, he shows readers his own dark side and theirs, along with blaze marks on a path into the light. Rick lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his beautiful wife and two amazing children.