Climate Change Is Real.

It’s not a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of scientific fact. (see here) We (humans) are the only ones who have the power to change our environment globally for good or bad. What about the worlds we can’t see or even the…Dun Dun DUUUUN!… fifth dimension? These paintings are what I imagine this invisible chaos to look like, crashing between dimensions like waves. There are familiar images whether intentional or those that your eye creates, but they are surrounded and intertwined in something that’s not right. Something that changes their form. Its frustrating. You want there to be a perfect sunset on beautiful water or a tranquil forest landscape, but its off in some way. You aren’t the only one who sees that or are you? So many just see what they want to see. It’s human nature for the brain to try to make sense of what the eye sees. Have you heard of the man on the moon? Or the face of the moon? Those tales came about because humans wanted to see a face or something recognizable on this mass that orbits us. We (humans) are also dreamers and were longing to put a man on that moon. So there’s nothing wrong with that (the human eye projecting what the brain wants to see). It can lead to amazing feats. If there are things that we choose to ignore to make the scene perfect and happy then what we can’t see becomes an invisible threat. Open your eyes to those threats and seek a way to change them into something better. Save the Worlds!



Find out how you can help save the worlds or at least our own check out any of these fine organizations or search your local listings. greenpeace.orgworldwildlife.orgnpca.org, nasa.gov

For more information or to purchase either painting visit  https://thehcreative.com/painting

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Hannah Miller Thatcher

Hannah Miller Thatcher

Hannah Miller Thatcher is a local Creative in Chattanooga who always strives to use her talents for good to better the environment and community.