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Our Titles

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Have you ever gone into the night vowing to only have one and ended up with an I-had-too-many hangover the next day? You are not alone. In this warm, inviting book, Gehrke takes the reader through personal moments of over consumption, triumphs, and doubt. With a sharp wit and wisdom birthed out of painful experience, he paints a picture any drinker can understand, while offering a clear path to gaining control of alcohol consumption. If you have ever struggled with drinking too much, this book will give practical tips that can lead to a healthy moderation. Along the way, the reader will see that lessons learned about alcohol consumption are just as applicable to other aspects of life. Whether it is to help you drink less, or as a tool to drop subtle hints to a friend, you will find Gehrke provides achievable, practical tips to be applied at your own pace.

The prophecy has awoken, and the chain has joined two earthlings. War is coming. When Sparrow wakes from yet another abusive night, she somehow finds the courage to escape her abuser and run. Little did she know that she sparked a shift in the universe that would not only change her future, but also affect the lives of all who live and breathe. A chain forms and links her destiny to Pillar, a boy turning man, wrestling with grief. Neither of them knows of what lies just beyond their imagination, nor of the significance of their joining, but only that their lives will never be the same. Three immortal brothers tasked to protect the chain and prepare for war must not only convince the citizens of Ultro to choose sides between the good and evil forces destined to battle, but also to convince the two earthlings bound together to remain steadfast to an uncertain destiny. As tensions rise, alliances form and a group of the strongest and fiercest band together to protect all that is good in the universe.

From the author that created Stars Below the Concrete comes The Cracked Green Door: A Southern Poetry Collection.

Quinn weaves together a collection that is a reflection of a poet stuck in the liminal of a hopeful future and tainted past. Each work is a snapshot the reader can step into and find themself in Quinn’s deeply personal and, at times, painfully self-reflective words. From lost love to reconcile his place in society, Quinn shows his respect for the reader by painstakingly creating a portrait with his words.

The Cracked Green Door constantly wades into the dark hope of the south while asking the reader: Will you stop with me? Will you pause with me?


As a daughter of an FBI agent, Katie knows the basics of child abduction prevention: don’t talk to strangers, don’t get into a car with anyone you don’t know, and don’t piss off Midas. But Dad broke the last rule, and now Katie is left to pay for it. 

Just days after her fifteenth birthday, Katie is taken by Midas, the most elusive and efficient kidnapper the FBI has ever seen. None of Midas’s victims have ever been found dead or alive, and it does not take long for Katie to find out why. Midas dumps Katie into a compound filled with his other ‘trophies,’ children he has kidnapped, ransomed, and abandoned to the elements. The thin green armband around Katie’s wrist separates her from the other kids, marking her as valuable, but once Midas is through extorting Katie’s father, she will become as expendable as the others. Katie now has to choose whether to merely survive or risk her life trying to escape


Fairies, pixies, selkies, Ireland’s myth’s are awe-inspiring, unless they’re trying to kill you.

When Fionn and his family are suddenly targeted by these creatures,
they are struck by everything but awe.

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Aaron Quinn

Aaron Quinn

Aaron is a Chattanooga based writer. Writing bios is not his favorite, nor specialty, but here we are together. He hasn’t been unemployed for several years, and stopped dropping out of college after the second try. Whether it’s dancing to The 1975 when no one is looking or engaging with pen and paper, Aaron is inspired by the mad, rad off-kilter moments of life. His works - whether fiction or poetry - are all about creating a snapshot that lingers and haunts. Inspired by Flannery O’Conner, Wiley Cash, and Harry Crews; Aaron’s mind constantly wades in the dark hope of the south. Massive contradictions and bigger questions drive his narratives while he asks his reader one question: “Will you stay with me until the end?”