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Don Walker

Husband, Father, Friend, Author

Dr. Walker’s Memoirs are a story of God’s providence expressed through the thrills of missionary work to the profundity of the simple moments of ministry. Dr. Walker’s ministry stretched from humble beginnings of Indiana to the far-reaching mountain ranges of Nepal. At printing, a team of five missionaries board a plane headed for Nepal to strengthen a team of pastors that Dr. Walker discipled over 15 years ago. As the reach of his impact stretches thousands of miles, Dr. Walker, and many generations that will follow in his legacy, lean on the knowledge that his impact is “not to be found in the spectacular, but in the little  things that prepared and helped [him] to follow Christ.”

Dr. Walker came from humble circumstances to live as a pioneer of the gospel but did so cloaked in humility and grace. In both the mundane and death-defying events, Dr. Walker used the same mental process and asked two questions: What is God doing? What does God want from me?

With great love, and deepest gratitude, this is our thank you to Dr. Walker for a life well lived for the sake of the gospel.

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